December 2017

 Latest build project: "Ktizo"

On mission in Belize


Favorite Movies: 
The Sound of Music, Inception
Favorite TV Shows:
Downton Abbey, Survivor 
Favorite Food: 
White Cheddar Popcorn
Florida Southern
Favorite Place:  
The beach
Favorite Music Group:
Tenth Avenue North

Just for kicks:  Walks with Dave, gardening, Facebook, garage sales, playing games with my family.

The Boys

Donna came to Christ as a teen and was also discipled in college.  We met as missionaries with Cru (Campus Crusade). She has served in various ministries in the church, such as leader of the women's ministry at Granger Community Church in South Bend, IN and currently ministers with Cru as a full-time missionary  discipling students.


Dave is a pastor, writer, speaker,  historian and adjunct professor at Anderson University in SC.

M.Div.  Gordon-Conwell

Ph.D., M.A.,  Notre Dame

Favorite Movies: Master and Commander, Gladiator, Last of the Mohicans, The Matrix

Favorite Food: NC Lexington BBQ

Basketball:  Tar Heels!

Football:  Go Irish!
Just for kicks: 
 Walks with Donna, sailing, camping, kayaking,  garage sales, boat building, history...did I say boats?

God is still writing on our hearts.

Dave & Donna Scott

Our Story

God began chasing me as a child before I could fully understand His love or my need for it. In my child–like faith, I simply trusted Him.  I am still growing in all of  that decision meant.

I first began to really explore the depths of grace when I was discipled in college. Leading a bible study in my dorm, I caught the passion to share that with others as I saw God change lives and God called me to the Great Commission, to help the church make disciples.

I am just a fellow pilgrim on the path, seeking to know God and be transformed by knowing him.  I am a cracked pot asking Him to use me as a vessel and channel of his life–changing love, grace and glory.

My mission is to live a God–filled life and help the church share that vision with a spiritually searching world.